Local Citations for Link Building

Marketing to your target demographic requires connecting with them on a platform that is readily available any place and time on any device. This citation building process will help your business reach out to potential customers and engage them. For Local SEO, the local citations are a key strategy for 2013. David Daniels, a Search Engine Optimization Manager at Standing Dog Interactive in Dallas, Texas, describes how local citations are key for your 2013 Local Search Engine Optimization strategy. [Read more…]

Four Tips to Guarantee Freelance Websites Deliver Great Results

In resource-constrained marketing organizations, the team, especially a team that numbers in the single digits, can always use another pair of eyes, hands, and maybe even feet to help ensure the successful execution of a marketing activity. Let’s be honest. You certainly aren’t the first person to have worn out a pair of shoes endlessly surveying and patrolling a client event, and you won’t be the last. [Read more…]

Six Cyber Security Predictions for 2013

The CEO of Top Patch, Chiranjeev Bordoloi, has consulted government agencies, financial institutions and Fortune 500 companies on cyber security for more than 20 years. Bordoloi is predicting 2013 will be the first year when virtual crime will cause death more than in years prior. He also predicts Smart TVs will come under attack from virtual burglars as more consumers buy these interactive televisions.

Bordoloi has an eye on trending security threats in the private and public sector. Here are his predictions for 2013 based on what his company is already seeing in the underground hacker world. [Read more…]

What Do You Think of Sponsored ads in Facebook Paid Search?

Facebook Paid Search Results

Are Facebook paid search results changing the game or causing problems? As sponsored search results appear in Facebook’s typeahead, businesses have to consider the implications and challenges the new system presents. Is this feature causing problems by creating a whole new problem or is this new part of the Facebook paid search results on Facebook changing the game? [Read more…]

Best Patriotic iPhone Apps

Here it really is July 4th, Independence Day, wherever all of us celebrate our nation’s independence. We all celebrate differently, even though. No matter if it is gathering with loved ones and close friends and obtaining a barbecue, enjoying your day out to the boat, or enjoying the evening with fireworks, most likely you are going to have your Apple iPhone with you.

Following checking out a ton of patriotic iPhone apps and 4th of July-related iPhone apps, we’ve come up with our checklist of our favourite iPhone apps that may enable you to celebrate our nation’s independence. Listed here are the major ten Patriotic iPhone apps for the 4th of July. [Read more…]

Health Insurance Coverage

Buying health insurance coverage is a big decision. It’s complex, it’s costly, and it could have big monetary implications. similar to a lot of other issues, it’s simpler if you bust up the job into lesser tasks and find your way out through them.

a) Create a list of solutions you and your household may need.
Take into consideration your gender, age, and family medical record. Are there any ongoing medical conditions? Is There anyone regular medical doctor prescribed?

At the lowest, plan to purchase ‘a high insurance deductible health plan’, which is usually termed as ‘catastrophic coverage’. Simply speaking, this cowlage provides a reduced premium, and you make payment for most routine costs out of your pocket. If you’ve a critical accident or become severely ill, your insurance plan will activate when you attain your deductible. [Read more…]

Overblog Launched

There’s a new blog platform within the US, known as Overblog. In the event you have ever attempted to add your social media content material to your blog, you know how troublesome it could be. Establishing automated tweets, and posts is pretty. Overblog, a new blogging platform that allows you to create the most of social media, has launched in the US. [Read more…]

Google+ Local Pages

Google has begun migrating all Google Places pages to the new Google Plus Local pages. Whether or not you like or not, in case your company presently features a Google Places page, your Google Places page has probably already been replaced or upgraded to a Google Plus Local page. So, what does this mean to you as well as your company? [Read more…]

Outdoor Channel Receives Awards

The Outdoor Channel, America’s Leader In Outdoor TV, was honored for excellence in sales and digital by CableFAX, a cable industry trade publication. At events held by the media outlet in May, Outdoor Channel received accolades for “Sales Executive of the Year” and “Best Website.”

On May 1 st, Mark Romano, Vice President of Affiliate Sales and Marketing for Outdoor Channel’s Eastern Division, was recognized as one of CableFAX’s “Sales Executives of the Year” at a breakfast held at the Grand Hyatt in New York City. A member of the Outdoor Channel sales team since 2007, Romano has been an integral part of Outdoor Channels’ launches and migrations on cable systems over the last year including launches on Comcast XFINITY TV systems in Maryland and Virginia, and migrations on XFINITY TV systems in Greater New England, Baltimore and Washington, D.C. [Read more…]

Optimizing: Increase Mobile Conversions

Have you tried taking a look at how you are growing your mobile conversions of your mobile website? Let’s believe a bit about your mobile web site. What is it is objective?

So, for those who have a mobile internet site, apart from advertising the site and obtaining more mobile visitors, what are you able to else can you do? Among the best things you are able to do is work to increase mobile conversions on that mobile website. When visitors come for your mobile website, what would you like them to do? What actions do you want them to carry out? Do you want them to call you, fill out a form, or buy some thing? [Read more…]

Will an Exact Match Domain Name Help Your SEO?

What is an Exact Match Domain Name? Exact Match Domain Names are just that–domain names that include an exact match of the keyword or keyword phrase. So, an example of an exact match domain name could be “books.com” or “travel.com” or even Keyword1Keyword2.com exactly where “keyword1″ is one word and “keyword2″ is an additional keyword. It’s extensively known within the Seo business that having certainly one of these keyword-rch exact match domain names will astronomically increase the probabilities the site will display up on the first web page from the search results to get a keyword search that consists of these keywords or keyword phrase. Currently, this “additional ranking benefit” is only valid for .COM domain names that do not contain hyphens. The only other caveat is the fact that the domain name must actually be a live web site around the exact same subject because the keyword. Ideally, the house web page should about the subject from the keyword and it should be “optimized” for that keyword phrase. [Read more…]

Selecting the Best Font

If you’re a web designer or want to be one, or if you are starting an online project that involves text, you then most likely know that way you choose fonts is critical to the good results of one’s project. It just has to appear the proper way, and also the subtleties of the font that you use is a crucial a part of the entire style equation. [Read more…]

Naturally Gain More Facebook Fans

There’s a phrase that is well-liked, and it goes something like “if you build it they’ll come”. Nicely, that could be additional in the truth whenever you want to gain more Facebook fans. It is the same with any other web site. In the event you build an excellent web site, and even if you have a great Facebook fan web page or Facebook business web page, that doesn’t imply that all kinds of individuals will come flocking to your website or your Facebook web page. You gain Facebook fans by providing people some thing, providing some cause to like your web web page or turn out to be a fan. [Read more…]

How One Setting Could Be Hurting Your WordPress Search Engine Optimization

Did you know that one small, easy-to-fix, weblog setting in WordPress actually has the power to virtually kill any and all of your WordPress Search Engine Optimization efforts of all your weblog posts? In the event you do not set up WordPress properly, this one setting will make all of your Search engine optimization efforts go down the drain. Unless of course this is set correctly, you may not even know why your weblog poss are not ranking well in Google. Let me explain. [Read more…]

Pinterest Review: Should Pinterest Peek Your Pinterests?

So, you have most likely heard about this new up and coming social media website known as Pinterest. I decided to create a Pinterest Review to discover exactly what is so Pinteresting about Pinterest. I imply, truly: why are numerous people flocking to Pinterest, an additional social bookmarking site that appears to become getting all kinds of focus lately. Here is my Pinterest review, discussing why Pinterest is so Pitneresting. Here is why you should get on board and get ahold of an invite. And why Pinning is the subsequent social bookmarking, and just how you, as a business owner, can drive all sorts of visitors and revenue to your web site. [Read more…]

Why Timeline for Pages are Better than Landing Tabs

Timeline for Pages on Facebook doesn’t offer admins the capability to set a default landing tab. Here’s why we think that is a great thing.

Facebook lately revealed Timeline for Pages, and subsequently eliminated the Facebook default landing tab. You are able to no lengthier set a default landing tab. While many people who admin Facebook business pages are shocked by this move, or perhaps even confused, let’s discuss why this is really a great move by Facebook, rather than this kind of a poor factor. [Read more…]

Should Your Company Blog be Outsourced?

Should your business blog be written in-house or should you outsource the writing of one’s business weblog? While some companies spend extra unique attention to their blogs, others appear to possess small to no interest in sustaining it regularly. I favor to make a commitment to your company weblog, and keep it up to date regularly, rather than allow it to be appear like a ghost town. Either you post frequently or don’t have a weblog in any way.

Dave Thomas, from Business.com, wrote a blog publish about determining to outsource your weblog or simply writing it in-house using your company’s employees. [Read more…]